About US

A Natural Partner
Now more than ever, your business needs a partner that strives to understand your company, your industry and your business strategy. A partner that can turn needs into active services. By truly understanding your businesses telecommunications strategy, OTEnet Telecom can customize the solution and optimize the network to fit your exact local and global needs.

Local Presence - Global Power
OTEnet Telecom, member of the OTE Group of companies, one of the largest telecoms groups in the world, is the first fully licensed telecommunications service provider in Cyprus.

OTEnet Telecom offers a range of telephony and IP/Data solutions over a fully integrated global SDH/IP-based network focused on the needs of the business community. By partnering with OTEnet Telecom, your business can achieve the best results without the constraints of distance, borders or time zones. Our world class network, highly trained personnel and experience can be your allies for growth.

Value for your Business
One provider for all your needs: OTEnet Telecom can power your business by offering you quality telephony, Data and IP access Solutions with a single point of contact and the benefits of enjoying one of the best performing backbone networks in Europe.

Consultative Approach: OTEnet's client-centric consulting approach distinguish us from providers of basic connectivity. In this way you are not just "sold a product" you are provided a solution that matches your requirements.

Customer Care: At OTEnet Telecom we understand the importance of delivering the highest possible quality of service and customer care. Our clients expect business interactions with OTEnet Telecom to be positive and productive.

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